DOXA SUB 300 Aquamarine

All the Pretty Divers: The DOXA SUB 300 Aquamarine

While the technical, vintage-inspired, and enduring appeal of DOXA watches has always defined the Bienne-based watchmaker, let’s take a closer look at something that is both tough on a dive and easy on the eyes.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

So, the authenticity and heritage of DOXA dive watches, and the esteemed SUB 300 collection, in particular, is absolute canon in the watch world. But please indulge me as I review the story a bit as it offers up some apropos background information as well as an interesting counterpoint for this gorgeous chapter in the SUB 300 story.

A Brief (Historical) Dip

The original SUB 300 debuted in 1967 as the first professional-quality, purpose-built dive watch generally available to the public. Then there’s the whole marquee-name angle: Although launched the year before, the popularity of DOXA SUB 300 watches skyrocketed in 1968 when it became known they were favored by undersea pioneer Jacques Cousteau and the crew of his research vessel the Calypso.

By 1969, U.S. Navy and Swiss Army divers got their own purpose-built DOXAs to use (one revived model of which recently made some commercial noise).

And in popular culture, besides playing a prominent role on The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau TV series, spy novelist Clive Cussler specifically mentioned DOXA timepieces in some of his writing. Meanwhile, Robert Redford wore a DOXA in his portrayal of a CIA analyst in 1975’s Three Days of the Condor.

Blue, See

The new line of SUB 300 models pays homage to all that history but is also well on its way to forging its own legendary status. To wit: With its brilliant turquoise colorway, the DOXA SUB 300 Aquamarine has a certain genderless appeal while also looking damn pretty.

This especially holds true when equipped with the vibrant, integrated aquamarine FKM rubber strap option, as the light azure hue carries the Caribbean-Sea-over-sand-reef tone all over your wrist, spilling out like a Blue Curacao-based cocktail. Moreover, if rubber straps aren’t your thing, the flowing “beads of rice” integrated steel bracelet option has a satisfyingly sensuousness quality about it.

However, even if you opt for the less flamboyant steel bracelet version, this SUB 300 offers up plenty of color. No matter the iteration, the SUB 300 Aquamarine will feature the subtle etched crown logo, the numerals and dot of the adjustable depth-gauge bezel, and the veritable blue grotto of a dial. It just makes you lean back and say, “Ahhhhhhhh.”

Both options also include DOXA’s expected, easily adjustable steel clasp with the traditional “fish” logo.

Pretty Legit

But none of this eye-appeal takes away from signature DOXA functionality and technicality in the slightest. Constructed from 316L stainless steel, the 42.5mm case, with its screw-down crown, could illustrate a dictionary entry for “dive watch.”

As a result of its excellent construction, the SUB 300’s water resistance is rated at 30 bar – effectively 300 meters (that’s, um, 980 feet, BTW). Meanwhile, DOXA’s signature rotating bezel is perfectly knurled for gloved use and uniquely helps calculate dive lengths to avoid decompression time.

In addition, a scratch-resistant and anti-glare treated sapphire crystal covers the unmistakable mix of blocky, technical, profoundly legible, vintage-inspired indexing and gauging, mid-century reference badging, and liberal use of Super-LumiNova that is the DOXA dial.

Lastly, the automatic Swiss movement, decorated by DOXA, provides 38 hours of power reserve.

Pricing & Availability

Retailing for $2,450 on the FKM rubber strap and $2,490 on the “beads of rice” steel bracelet, the DOXA SUB 300 Aquamarine is a perfectly mixed tropical cocktail of alluring beauty and tough-as-nails beast. Available today from brand retailers worldwide, visit the DOXA website for more information.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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