DOXA Watches Teams Up With French Singer AMIR

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DOXA Watches Teams Up With French Singer AMIR

On his wrist, on the open sea, in his new video clip: a DOXA diver's watch. The choice of authenticity.

Amir, the shooting star of the new French generation, finalist on ‘The Voice,’ the runaway reality singing competition that has all of France glued to their TV sets every week, in 2014, that country’s ‘voice’ at the Eurovision in 2016, member since 2017 of ‘Les Enfoirés,’ the annual charity concert that brings together stars from the entertainment scene, just seems to rise and rise and collect one award after the other, including the NRJ Music Awards and the TF1 2019 Song of the Year award.

In the video clip for “On verra bien” (“We’ll see”) from his new album “Ressources”), Amir sings the story of a young sailor who joins the French Navy. On his wrist, as he looks out to the open sea, a DOXA diver's watch.

DOXA stands for over 130 years of Swiss watchmaking history. When DOXA launched the revolutionary SUB concept in 1967, considered the first truly purpose-engineered diver's watch to be accessible for a larger audience, the radical innovations it introduced back then quickly made it the benchmark for professionals, too. Rated to 30 ATM, equivalent to a depth of about 300 meters, it was the first diver’s watch to feature not only a bright orange dial for better readability, but also a patented unidirectional bezel for easily calculating the maximum allowable dive time for an ascent without decompression stops.

Precision, robustness, reliability: from 1968 onward, we see a SUB 300 on the wrists of the divers who dive from the deck of the ‘Calypso’ to take millions of TV viewers around the world on the legendary missions of ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.’ In fact, Cousteau, who is the co-inventor of the Aqua Lung underwater breathing apparatus and considered the father of modern scuba diving, is so fond of the SUB 300 that he obtains exclusive distribution rights for DOXA in the U.S.

In 2020, the SUB 300 is still built the same way, and is now available in 6 different colors. It comes with the choice of the iconic steel ‘rice bead’ bracelet or a rubber strap to match the dial color. For the younger generation, DOXA represents the authenticity of a real story. Diver's watches as reliable, precise and robust as ever, at a very competitive price. Recognized and recognizable by connoisseurs.